The Bridge

It is now more than 36 hours since the last episode of The Bridge (BBC4)  left us all stunned and emotionally wrung out.

For those of you who don’t know, The Bridge is a Danish- Swedish crime drama in which a bi-national police team is put together to investigate when the body of a woman is found in the middle of the Öresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark.

The 10 -part series, which features two diametrically different detectives, Saga Noren from Sweden and Martin Rohde (or Röööhde as Saga says) from Denmark, is simply one of the best drama’s I have ever seen. Still reeling from the two conclusive episodes last Saturday, I linger in the twilight atmosphere of the many faceted mirror of today’s society that The Bridge showed us.

One facet in particular that is of interest to me and to Mindroom, is that the beautiful, and beautifully acted, Swedish detective Saga Noren has Asperger syndrome. The working relationship between Saga, who is singular and forensic in her job, but utterly socially inept and Martin, who is easy going, laid back, has five children with three different women and a selective approach to rules and truths, I believe will fast forward the insight into and appreciation of Asperger syndrome. The gradual understanding between Saga and Martin, becomes an absolutely beautifully woven tapestry of misunderstandings, clarifications, gentle guidance, comical occurrences, enlightenment, and moral dilemmas.  The moral dilemma’s – such as, is it better to say to a worried parent of a runaway child that there might not be a happy ending (Saga) or to lull them into momentary false hope (Martin)- are thought provoking quandaries that question the accepted social norms.

There are also hilarious scenes when Saga’s straight forwardness causes awkward, but endearing situations. See You Tube clip here below.

The Öresunds Bridge, which is 16 km long and link Sweden to Denmark and the continent, was opened in 2000 and has since then created a region with a population of 3,7 million habitants. Not only is the bridge stunningly beautiful in its minimalistic and elegant design, it really does bring a much needed connection between different worlds.

May they be geographical or neuro developmental.

PS The filming of the 2nd series of The Bridge starts in October this year and we can expect to see it in 2013.

The You Tube clip has no subtitles, so here is a summary for you:

Saga introduces her lover to Martin by way of saying –This is Martin Rööööhde –his wife has thrown him out because he was unfaithful – and this is Anton – we have sex from time to time.


One response to “The Bridge

  1. Hi I agree with you. This was a fantastic series and a very impressive performance by Sofia Helin. What is your view of the depiction of Asperger’s syndrome in the character of Sheldon Cooper in “The big bang theory”?

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